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Most companies focus on the design of their websites, and not their search engine visibility. Having a great looking site that does not drive business is just having a great looking site. Placing your primary products and services on page one of the search engines is not luck. We can help turn your website into a web business.

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With almost 70% of the people never going past page one on the search engines when searching for products and services, how does your site stack up? In today's world having your products and services ranking high on the search engines is a must. Gone are the days of looking through ads in a book. Is your site capturing your fair share of business from the internet. Pittsburgh SEO Kings can help as we have extensive experience in assisting companies with improving the internet visibility.
Our web design team cannot only provide you a great looking site but it will also be built with the best practices required for search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. We design sites from a marketing and visibility standpoint not just pretty colors and pictures with a lot of text that ends up on page 80 of Google.
Social Media along with business directories and blogs continue to be in the forefront of today's web marketing strategy. We will help you build your Facebook, Linkedin and directories to maximize your company's exposure and products to drive additional traffic to your site. Whether you are a fan our not, social media will drive buying decisions for many people for years to come. Come talk to us about your marketing plans.